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Choosing the better option for your dog; laser or scalpel to spay or neuter

Hi mom - we were just taking a short snooze!
Hi mom - we were just taking a short snooze!
home photos of Georgie and Rosie

As a responsible pet owner, you want to guarantee good health for your dog. Most often, your veterinarian will advise you on getting your dog spayed or neutered to guarantee that health. The procedures guarantee there are no unwanted pets, reduces aggressive, inappropriate behaviors and lessens the chances of cancer associated with the internal reproductive organs; a common concern in dogs. Contact your local Rockford-area veterinarian as listed below or one closest to your home to discuss the options in getting your dog spayed or neutered.

Once you have decided to get your dog spayed or neutered, which procedure is best for your dog; the traditional scalpel surgery or the new laser surgery depends on your dog’s particular needs and circumstances. Your veterinarian can discuss these with you before making such an important decision.

Most vets will advise you that the laser surgery is much less painful. The reason is that a laser beam actually seals off nerve endings, preventing the raw ends that are characteristic of scalpel surgery, causing your dog a great deal of pain. Additionally, the heat from the laser beam vaporizes and kills bacteria that have the potential to cause an infection. In traditional scalpel surgery, the surgery area can easily be contaminated with bacteria.

Using a scalpel to make an incision in your pet causes inflammation of the affected skin and tissue, because of the interaction with the circulatory and lymphatic systems. With the use of the laser beam, the lymphatic system is effectively cauterized, with less post-operative swelling, making for a more comfortable and speedy recovery period.

When a scalpel is used to make an incision, small blood vessels get cut in the skin and tissue. These blood vessels can ooze during and after surgery. This causes more of a chance for infection due to bacteria, more bleeding, blood clots and excessive swelling. The laser beam can effectively coagulate these small blood vessels, causing much less bleeding and swelling with no clots or infection. As a result, there is less anesthetic time with a speedier recovery.

Recovery time after scalpel surgery is more extensive, at least two weeks, and may require antibiotics and medications for pain and infection. Laser surgery recovery may take up to two weeks also, but with much less swelling and pain and a smaller incision with dissolvable sutures. Either surgery will require that you limit your dog’s activities during recovery. It would be beneficial to use an Elizabethan collar on your dog to prevent licking and scratching at the incision site.

Laser surgery is a less invasive procedure for your dog with less pain, swelling and bleeding along with a quicker recovery. As a pet parent, this would seem to be the wiser choice although it is a bit more expensive than the traditional scalpel surgery. Most of you would agree that the little extra cost is well worth the lesser pain and a quicker recovery that your pet would experience.

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