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Choosing life in the country verses smog in the city


  • Denise 6 years ago

    Reading your article I can't help but wonder if you have ever spent any time in the country. Clean air is not a choice if you have ever been near a pig farm, and pesticides are routinely sprayed throughout the air by crop dusters, which filter down into the ground water. There is the noise from the equipment used to scare off birds that eat crops, as well as those friendly neighbors who burn wood and ignore local regulations when they dump motor oil or burn their garbage when they think nobody is looking. Did I mention the hunters that trespass and shoot before knowing what it is they are aiming at? How about sipping that morning coffee while your neighbor buzz cuts his wood. I think you're a snob. Your idea that people who live in the country are "romantics' ranks right up there with "beer drinkers make better lovers." It is a description of country life that only exists within the narrow frame of your mind, and is not based on facts or reality.

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