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Choosing faith or a physician

The past decade alone has brought such new technology and medicines that it seems sickness can only be treated by those things. Yet, faith has increased in the hospitals among the sick and with doctors as well. Patients have been known to recover faster and heal quicker just by their faith in God alone.

Faith in God is real and alive. It is the very realization of our helplessness that creates a longing for the very God that has always wanted a relationship with his creation. In that longing, we realize that His promises are true and sure.

There’s much debate over the resistance of medication and treatments. Parents have been persecuted for refusing treatment for their children in pursuit of faith. In some religions, followers simply do not believe in any form of hospital treatment. Yet, there is a great misunderstanding between faith and facts. Teaching is an occupation which allows students to learn and prosper and perhaps become very knowledgeable and successful. Doctors allow patients to learn about their bodies and what they can do to help or protect its frailties. God has allowed us to have occupations and trades to share with one another.

Everyone should approach God for every area of health in their life because He has always been the greatest physician. However, until He divinely heals, we should seek the best means for taking care of these frail bodies.


  • Jason L Ward 5 years ago

    Amen!!! God works through His Divine intervention as well as through sharing parts of the knowledge he possess' with professionals in a given field so that they may aid us. However He blesses, we are blessed!!!

  • Robbie Sundberg 5 years ago

    Its so true, this was a topic last night at a special service. Sometimes your measure of faith can be a factor in this as well. I think we have to use wisdom in these situations and seek God on them in our time of need. We are blessed though today to have our modern medicine practices.