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Choosing a rabbit to join your family ( part 1 )

This is Norah. Abopted by me from Sonoma Humane Society
This is Norah. Abopted by me from Sonoma Humane Society
Margaret Melani

Now that you have decided to get a rabbit to join your family after very careful consideration, lets look into what qualifications are needed to take in this furry little creature.

Get rid of any preconceived ideas that you may have of rabbits other than they are so cute and soft. Bunnies as I like to call them need your attention to learn about them and meeting their needs.   Rabbits come with their own personalities and quirks making them so enjoyable as a companion. There is no right or wrong on your choice of which kind of rabbit although you will most likely be drawn to a certain breed or look a rabbit might have. One breed over another does not dictate if "it is a good rabbit". What's more important for your consideration is your behavior/lifestyle fits a rabbits. A safe environment I feel is the most consistent area you will be adjusting and providing for the bunny.

Some questions you might yourself is, "Are you willing to make some compromises in your furniture arrangement? Are you willing to supervise other animals and children along with your bunny's activities? If you have to move are you willing to take your bunny with you? and lastly if your bunny gets sick you will seek treatment?"  If this all seems a lot to think about it should. Remember bunnies can live up to 10 years and because at the first sign of difficulty a person might and do give up their bunnies to a shelter. There are many books available out there for you to read and I highly recommend in purchasing one that will give you invaluable information on bunny needs and solutions for any problems that may arise.

House Rabbit Society is one of the better known non-profit animal welfare organizations dedicated to the care and well being of rabbits all over the world. Their chapters are worldwide and have many books available to help you in book stores or pet supply stores.  They have local chapters like the one in Sonoma/Solano county you can contact providing everything a rabbit owner needs in support and education about our bunnies including bunnies for adoption. I am firm believer that a person should educate themselves from A thru Z so that you can be well informed and feel confidant because that bunny will rely on you for it's entire life.

Bunnies are the third most common animals in shelters today. In her book "Shelter Work" by Beth Woolbright, she says "wanted: Bunny with an adorable face who acts like a real rabbit. Unwanted: Bunny with an adorable face who acts like a real rabbit." That statement couldn't be any truer. One of my bunnies that I had gotten from a shelter had this beautiful feminine face, she was a girl bunny of a litter of 5 baby rabbits someone had brought into my local shelter.  As she got older she was very difficult to hold, picky eater, hard to litter box train and just a nightmare I felt at times. I was having to clean up after her a lot.  But I wasn't going to be dismayed and I loved her.  She lived until age 9. So you see even though she wasn't the "perfect" behaved bunny, I didn't resign and respected her for she was. She started life abandoned and I wasn't going to abandon her. Some special considerations that you may look at when selecting your bunny would be if you would consider a companion for your bunny with another bunny, pairs. Some rabbits already in shelters are bonded buddies and will be encouraged to keep them together. Bunnies are highly social animals and need each other for company too. So if you have decided a rabbit is great for your home why not two? But be realistic and if one bunny is all you can have or want that's ok too. That is one lucky bunny to live a free life in your care and undying love.

Next we will explore places locally to help in your search in part 2.

Remember a happy bunny is always a happy bunny!

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