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Choosing a job based on happiness v. convenience

When leaving college for good every graduate wants the security of knowing that they have a job waiting for them. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been happening much for the last few years. Between myself and my closest friends only one of us has a full-time job using their degree. Most are working part-time – like myself – to cover bills while we search for the job we want.

I must be honest though. During my absence I managed to find a full-time job and leave it because it wasn’t where I belonged. It was a job out of my field and in an entirely new industry that I had no prior experience in and had to learn. I thought it would be fine, but the longer I stayed the more I realized that it wasn’t where I was supposed to be. Before I got stuck and dependent on the job I made the extremely difficult decision to leave and continue to pursue something in the field that I was trained for. I also did not leave until I knew I had somewhere else to go. Thankfully, my previous employer agreed to rehire me.

My lesson to all graduates from this experience is this: Do not take a job just as a road out of where you are now no matter how great it sounds to have your own health insurance. Be sure that it is a job you truly want, will enjoy and won’t be distracting from what you paid all that money to earn a degree for. If you feel like you’ve made a wrong decision – as I felt – do not be afraid to say no and walk away. To maintain a flow of income, be sure there is another job to move to before leaving. Do not stay in a job just for the benefits and paycheck because ultimately it's not worth it.

As strange as it sounds, finding a job while you already have one is easier than finding one while unemployed. I’m not sure why that is, but in my own experiences I’ve found this theory to be true. People should enjoy going to work in the morning and enjoy what they do. Those that don’t usually got stuck somewhere in the past and then couldn’t leave.


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