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Choose Your Poison

Your body will look exactly how you eat, and how you workout. There are a lot of circuit based, intense types of training going on right now. It seems like the "new fad of the week" is always the latest and greatest thing. You should know how different types of workouts affect your physique (and your health for that matter), so you can choose the workout that will get you the results YOU want.

If you are looking for a leaner yet harder physique, you absolutely must do resistance training. No amount of cardio will produce a lean and hard physique. Your muscles have to be stimulated with resistance to have a "hard body" look. The best choice for this type of workout is always free weights and machines that utilize weights. Typically 3 to 4 days per week or resistance training, 30 to 45 minutes each session produces noticeable results. Be careful to not over train. Working with weights for over an hour can possibly burn muscle for fuel, and you don't want that to happen.

Intense cardio like training that implements weights can be both good and bad. Exercise classes like crossfit and bootcamps, if not properly instructed and monitored, can produce both injury and can actually prevent you from developing muscle. When the muscle is completely stripped of its fluid, you get into a situation where muscle is being cannibalized. This also applies to joints/tendons. True, your endurance will go up if you train this way for a while, but if you over train and get into the "muscle stripping" zone, your gains will be very minimal. And, an injury is just around the corner.

The best way to build a hard body is to constantly confuse the body/muscles. Use resistance training, but change things up all the time. Have a workout every now and then where you push the envelope, but don't do that every time you workout. The simple fact is that people who follow more of a bodybuilding workout routine have the best physiques. They typically have more muscle and more overall symmetry. People who do wide open, intense cardio/resistance combination type workouts work very hard, but they simply do not understand the effect that is having on the way they LOOK. And most people are concerned with the way they look, not how many deadlifts/wallballs they can do in 10 minutes.

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