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Choose organic gardening – Mother nature does it best

Sunflowers grown by me, my grand-daughter and mother nature in my garden.
Copyright Jaipi Sixbear 2014 All rights reserved

Let's face it. There are many good reasons to choose organic gardening. Conventional methods leave soil and water depleted and polluted. Just thinking about the amount of harmful chemicals used in factory farming is overwhelming. On top of that, we have genetically modified food. Large companies like Monsanto are destroying the earth while manipulating food to resist increasing amounts of pesticide "needed" to grow it. Meanwhile, we have the ultimate model for growing food staring us right in the face. Organic gardening goes with the flow of the natural world.

Mother nature does it best and without harm.

It boggles the mind, doesn't it? Why is the food industry constantly thinking up more efficient production methods? We really do have the perfect example right in front of us. All we need do is look to the natural cycle of growth, death and re-birth in nature. By following mother nature's lead, we could have enough food for everyone on the planet without endangering the very environment we depend on.

Mother nature produces her own fertilizer.

Plants grow, die and decay with the seasons. In turn, decaying plant matter nourishes new plants in the spring. There are no toxic substances involved. Those are an invention of man. Plants don't need artificially produced fertilizers to grow. In fact, overuse of man made fertilizers can do more harm than good by upsetting the natural order with overgrowth.

Mother nature has her own natural pesticides.

In nature, pests have natural predators and deterrents. When we use man made pesticides we upset the natural balance of predator to prey. So, the more we use these substances, the more we need them. Mother nature also groups compatible plants together. It's a perfect system that we don't respect enough.

Mother nature once had it all sorted out.

The problem is, we humans mixed it all up on her. Instead of letting produce grow naturally, where it grows best, we manipulate it to grow where it never should be grown in the first place. In other words, the more we move things around, the less efficient nature becomes. In short, we manipulated and consequently broke nature. Now we're paying the price.

Remember, human beings are all natural too.

We were designed to live in the natural world. We should follow the natural order of things. When we ingest manipulated, chemical laden food, we are effectively altering our own natural state. So, along with the planet, we are killing ourselves. Why choose organic gardening? Whether we're talking about flora or fauna, mother nature has the best system going. It just makes sense to follow it.

This article was previously published by this author on a now closed Yahoo property.

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