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Choose a massage that makes you a better athlete in the new year.

If you really want to excel this year, take some down time.
If you really want to excel this year, take some down time.
LakeHouse Spa at Lake Austin Spa Resort

If one of your new year’s resolutions is to be fit, to get into shape, or to be a better athlete, consider a resort that is tailoring its treatments for people who are looking for more than a mental break when they go to a spa. Below are three spas that can help:

The Silverado Resort and Spa in Napa, CA has a Golf Swing Therapy program that includes a massage and the Golfer's Reflexology treatment, which aims to decrease tension and boost energy while restoring balance.

The Miraval Life in Balance Spa in Tucson, AZ offers The Athlete’s Massage, which combines intense, constant pressure with targeted stretching to relieve sore muscles and increase flexibility. For this massage, Arnica oil is used for its anti-inflammatory benefits, to increase muscle elasticity while encouraging muscle recovery and repair for improved athletic performance.

The LakeHouse Spa at the Lake Austin Spa Resort in Austin, Texas is another not-to-be-missed. After talking with one of their representatives, the two best choices for an athlete’s massage are:

  • The Custom Comfort massage, which is customized to your needs, allows you to create the massage personal to your stress, your pain, or your inflammation. It can be hot or cold, based on need. A warming therapeutic mud can be applied pre-massage to ease tension.
  • The Sports Soak and Massage, which is a deep tissue treatment, that starts with a soak in mineral salts in their 58-jet hydrotherapy tub to ease muscle soreness. Arnica oil is also used in this athletic massage to stimulate muscles and aid in flexibility.

Whether this new year sees you starting to get fit or reaching a new level of fitness, stay at the top of your game with a massage geared to make you a better athlete.


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