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Choline Combinations for Optimal Health

There are many advantages of taking different compounds and drugs to enhance aspects of the brain, but finding the optimal combination is not an easy task. Many people who take racetams or are just deficient in choline find that an adequate source is the combination of alpha GPC choline and CDP choline.

This combination helps people who are trying to enhance their cognition and do not want to take only a single choline precursor drug. The reason for this is because there are unique advantages for both of these two options that we have provided.

The alpha GPC choline is a great way to boost human growth hormone. In addition, you will find that CDP choline can greatly improve your ability to get uridine and similar types of neuro protective agents that will be useful for you no matter what age.

Some studies of CDP choline show that there is also an advantage for mental energy and focus. If you want to improve the focus (similar to what ADD patients need) then you can definitely utilize the CDP choline option. Getting them both requires that you need less from each and they are both incredibly effective for your own cognition.

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