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Choking on Equal Rights

There is must to do about Equal Rights lately. Federal and State governments are enacting laws in an attempt to legislate morality in the name of equal rights. The definition of 'rights' is, a moral or legal entitlement to have or obtain something or to act in a certain way.

The word 'entitlement' tends to get people riled up. We tend to think we are entitled to many things for reasons of race, religion, gender, economic status, etc. In looking at the definition of rights, we have two things to consider. First, let us look as moral entitlement.

Morals, unfortunately, are not uniform across society because they are not based on the same foundation for us all. As a Christian, my morals are based on the Christian Bible. This automatically sets me in opposition to certain behavior or lifestyle choices of some other individuals. It does not, nor should it, set me in opposition to those people, but to their behaviors.

As a Caucasian (not white which is a color, not a race) Woman, I have felt the sting of rejection by those whose moral code rejects women in certain roles. I have felt the hurt of prejudicial views voiced by those of another race. Forcing through the legislation of equal rights, those moral views and bigoted opinions to accept me does not change how they feel.

In forcing so called gay rights or pro-abortion agendas on me through legislation does not change my moral code on those matters.

Equal rights for one is inequality for another. Do the math.

What is the answer? Government is neither our god nor our parent. It needs to keep out of moral issues and let We the People work it out.

Now let's look at legal entitlement, the other part of our working definition of 'rights'. Again, 'entitlements' is a non-reality. We are entitled to nothing. We have access to certain things, not through entitlement but through grace, or hard work, or benevolence. We can have legal benefits, but we should not confuse those with entitlements.

In enforcing Freedom of Speech, I have been forced by government to accept hearing immoral opinions based on non-Christian thinking. In legislating religion I have been forced to live among occult practices, abhorrent sexual behavior, and the killing of the unborn.

In merry Old England, certain Christians were being forced by government to worship a certain way. What did they do? They sailed to the new world looking for religious freedoms. To where do today's Christians sail to escape immoral persecution?

Jesus said to the disciples, "You are in the world, but you are not of the world."

We Christians have the benefit of being able to 'escape' to our home country of Heaven. In the Kingdom of God, the moral values are consistent with a proper foundation. In Heaven, the language is edifying and pure. In Heaven the moral code is Righteousness.

Yes, as a Christian, I am temporarily in this world, but government, you do not trump the government of God's Kingdom. So while I will love homosexuals, abortionists, all people of all races and religions, I will not be forced to accept their choices nor their words and actions.

The gavel has sounded and Jesus is Lord.

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