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Choke is not exactly on par with Fight Club, but...


I love writing this blog because of movies like Choke. Here is a film that got buried from the public's attention, yet, for those willing to dig, turns out to be unexpectedly worth it.

As I scanned the titles and blurbs of dozens of unheard-of movies last week, this one caught my eye as the work of the same author who wrote Fight Club - Generation X's all time best man movie.

The two films have main characters who, in a way, are opposites: Fight Club's is a sexual anorexic, while Choke's is a nymphomaniac. However, their life journeys are strikingly similar, characterized by irreverance for social decorum, support group addiction, and dysfunctional paths toward love.

In Choke, Sam Rockwell plays a con artist who wants nothing more than to find out the origins of his birth before his institutionalized mother (played by Anjelica Huston) takes her secrets to her grave. He comes up with a plan to pay for her hosiptal bills long enough to keep her alive.

While every character in this movie is a caricature - particularly the mental hospital inpatients - it still delivers on important themes about people and relationships. I had to watch it twice to understand the plot, not to mention the more subtle undertones. Which makes it that much more suitable for DVD, not theater, viewing anyway.

I have no idea how this movie escaped without an NC-17 rating, so I'll throw that warning out there.