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Choiselle: Review


Up for your perusal is Choiselle's Lemongrass Bath & Body Oil and Ylang Ylang Body Lotion. First off, a word about Choiselle. Choiselle is an artisanal natural and organic bath and body care products company. Founder and Creator Nydia was in search of something to quell the annoyance and itch of extremely dry skin. Nothing worked until she remembered her childhood. She remembered living in the tropics in St. Lucia with a grandmother who sought relief for some physical maladies from her backyard garden. This included roots, bark and herbs. All-natural. Fresh. Soothing.


Employing the same principles, Nydia created her first moisturizer and it worked better than anything else that she had ever tried. Thus, we have Choiselle.

The products are well considered and beautifully packaged. They are all made by hand. Animal testing is simply not done!

The Lemongrass Bath & Body Oil is hydrating, therapeutic, 100% natural and made with organic ingredients. It smells great and may be added to your bath water or sprayed on after bathing. The two-ounce bottle retails for $25.00 and is sure to add a special zing to your skin. It feels good, in fact.

However, the Ylang Ylang Body Lotion (also hydrating, therapeutic, 100% natural and made with organic ingredients) did not fare so well in the olfactory area. This eight-ounce bottle retails for $42.00 and while it feels incredible on the skin (hydrogelized silk is one of the ingredients), the smell is just not that terrific. We did not want to state anything less than positive for this review. Hence, we did a reality check with three other women. They all loved the feel of the product and how well it worked. But, two of them also did not like the smell and the other one stated that she neither liked, nor disliked the smell. It's a bit medicinal (Witch Hazel is an ingredient) and while this is not necessarily a bad thing, the prevalent aroma doesn't dissipate with use.

Choiselle is a fairly new company and the ideals behind the company seem solid. Perhaps, as the company grows and evolves, other aromas and essences will be introduced? When they are, we will be happy to do a re-evaulation.

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