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Choice Organic Teas celebrates 25th anniversary

Choice Organic Teas' line of wellness teas developed with Bastyr Universtity
Choice Organic Teas' line of wellness teas developed with Bastyr Universtity
Choice Organice Teas

Choice Organic Teas, America's first completely organic tea company, is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Founded in Seattle in 1989, the company set and continues to maintain standards of quality, sustainability and purity. Their adherence to these values has led to Choice Organic Teas also becoming the first tea company to be Fair Trade Certified and non-GMO certified. It is no wonder that they are the leading purveyor of solely organic teas.

According to Choice Organic Teas' vice president of operations, Ray Lacorte, the company had some helpful partners in these accomplishments. “Growing a successful business over 25 years has been a team effort, and we are humbled by and grateful for the immense dedication of our partners in quality, such as the Organic Trade Association, QAI, Fair Trade USA, the Non-GMO Project and the many organic tea gardens around the world who adhere to these standards," said Lacorte.

“We thank our customers and partners who have supported our efforts and who inspire us daily to deliver the best tasting, highest quality culinary and wellness teas available. We’d also like to thank our newest partner, Bastyr University, with whom we recently launched our exciting line of Wellness Teas. This new line has opened additional marketing channels while solidifying our commitment to health, wellness and the environment across all of our categories.”

The development of Choice Organic Teas Wellness Teas can be seen as a great boon to those who practice natural wellness. Some wellness teas created by other tea companies have been found to contain pesticides and GMO's, two things those who prefer natural medicine much prefer to avoid. The promise of wellness should also include the absence of substances that are known or suspected to be harmful. Luckily, Choice Organic Teas keeps that promise.

While the decision 25 years ago to offer exclusively organic teas was intended to offer consumers a high quality organic tea experience, the company also desired to lead the way to creating better working conditions for tea garden workers and promote a healthier planet by avoiding the use of harmful pesticides and herbicides.

Choice Organic Teas also has a company policy that helps minimize their environmental footprint. They use recycled and unbleached materials in their packaging and have eliminated the use of Polyvinyl Chloride. They even purchase wind-generated power to offset the 100% of the electricity used in their manufacturing facility and reward employees for using alternative forms transportation that promote clean air.

Best of all, they do all this while creating delicious organic teas. Most of the teas, including the Wellness line, are available in biodegradable teabags. However, they also have a line of delicious loose-leaf teas such as Earl Grey and Irish Breakfast Tea

Congratulations, Choice Organic Teas, on 25 years of producing exceptional organic teas while bettering the lives of tea garden workers and improving our environment. May you continue for ten times as many years and then some and encourage other companies to follow suit.

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