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Choice enrollment in JeffCo schools

Homework is a necessary part of a student's day
Homework is a necessary part of a student's day
(AP Photo/Christopher Berkey)

It might seem strange to be thinking of the 2010–2011 school year when this school year is only halfway through. However, given recent events, now is exactly the time for parents to reexamine the health of their children's schools and to determine whether choice (open) enrollment is the road to take.

Choice enrollment is offered in many districts throughout Colorado. Parents who have determined that their neighborhood school isn't the best avenue for their child can apply to have their child enrolled in a school of their choosing. Some parents enroll their kids in other neighborhood schools, others prefer specialized schools to meet particular needs, and others look to charter schools as the source for a solid education.

Regardless of which type of school parents move their children to, they need to be aware of dates for the enrollment period. JeffCo has extended its deadline (March 1) for open enrollment for elementary and middle school students; Denver Public Schools, however, still have a deadline of January 29.

Parents should also educate themselves on open-enrollment procedures to ensure that they have all required documentation. Each school district's website should feature that information.

Education is pivotal in the future of our children, and it's paramount that parents set their children up for success.