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Chocolate Toothpaste? Crest food flavors has fans dreaming of bacon toothpaste

Chocolate toothpaste is coming to a store near you! Combining the love of chocolate with the necessity of clean teeth, this new toothpaste is expected to be a hit with consumers. According to the Wall Street Journal on Monday the idea has many people more intrigued to be focused on their morning dental care routine.

Crest is officially naming the toothpaste “Be Adventurous Mint Chocolate Trek” and the chocolate will be combined with a minty flavor. For those people who have a sweet tooth, this flavor might be perfect for brushing your teeth first thing in the morning.

One of three kinds that are expected to be released by the toothpaste giant, a tube of chocolate toothpaste is geared toward the adult consumer. Looking to make sure people have an incentive to brush, those older folks should be stopping for a quick chocolate brushing.

If chocolate isn’t exactly the perfect flavor, consumers are welcomed to try the toothpaste that is lime spearmint or vanilla mint. All of the new flavors are unique and offer a reason to get in the bathroom and brush your teeth.

So what is next if there will be chocolate toothpaste on the market? Well chocolate mouthwash of course as you need to have the morning routing line up with all the flavors.

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