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Chocolate desserts recipes for Valentine's Day: 5 Brownie gifts for your sweet

Wondering what kinds of chocolate dessert recipes you should make for Valentine's Day for your sweetheart? Brownie gifts are like love on a plate or in a tin if your sweetheart is a foodie.

Chocolate desserts recipes for Valentine's Day: 5 Brownie gifts for your sweet

Your brownie gifts for Valentine's Day can be fancied up by drizzling sauce on the plate. Or pack them up in fancy tins or in decorative V-Day boxes to make proper presents from them.

These chocolate desserts recipes are delish when you serve them with a sweet dessert wine or Champagne after your Valentine's Day dinner.

Below are five brownie gifts that you can make for your Valentine.

Want Something Besides Brownie Gifts? Try These Valentine's Day Dessert Ideas

Chocolate Desserts Recipes for Valentine's Day: The List of Five

  1. My favorite Oreo fudge brownies with chocolate chip cookie dough is my favorite, because it's one of those delicious chocolate dessert recipes that you make with brownie mix. But these brownie gifts don't taste box-made. They're decadence on a plate.
  2. Your brownie pizza recipe includes delish toppings like slivered almonds, colorful, sweet maraschino cherries and cream cheese icing.
  3. Black and white brownies add a bit of a formal touch to your chocolate desserts recipes for Valentine's Day. This layered dessert is a lovely brownie gift anytime of the year, but tastes extra sweet at Valentine's Day.
  4. Chocolate chip cookie dough brownies make fun brownie gifts to wrap up or even serve in a clear glass cake plate. That's how pretty they look. And they taste even better. They're one delicious chocolate dessert I can't get enough of.
  5. Thin mint brownies combine brownies and Girl Scout Thin mints. I probably don't need to say more than that…
  6. Watch the video for a bonus brownie recipe by Kathy Lee.
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