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Chocolate decadence at the LA mart

At the LA Mart recently there was a display featuring a unique drink experience, Sipping Chocolate by was a rich, warm chocolate drink, somewhere between cocoa and hot fudge sauce.  This must be waht the aristocracy in France and England used to drink in the mornings before the discovery of coffee.  It's an intense chocolate taste that glides smoothly down your throat. I don't know if I would advice beginning your day with it, however.  It will ruin your palate for any other tastes. If you ask nicely, Caffe D'Amore will send you recipe suggestions incorporating the sipping chocolate.  It's gilding the lily, but, hey, you only live once!  (The Bellagio Sipping Chocolate is dairy which for kosher consumers at least prevents some overindulgence).  For more kosher recipes and ideas with chocolate you can also visit