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Chocolate cookie ice cream sandwich, raw and vegan

Chris@TalesofaKitchen, the creator of this 5-minute recipe, said about it, “I would some day like to be the Mayor of Chocolate Town. If that position does not exist, I would like to invent it. And if that town does not exist, I would like to build it!” I’m with you, Chris. I would have no problem starting a Chocolate Town right here.

This is one of those recipes that’s so good, you don’t feel cheated because it’s good for you. The recipe only makes one ice cream sandwich, which is probably wise, given the fact that most people could eat more if more were available. If you try this and like it, you could mix up all the ingredients for the cookie dough except the wet ingredients (sweetener and water) and keep this mix in your fridge and some frozen bananas in your freezer. Then you could just whip these up on the spur of the moment, which would make it just a couple of minutes to prepare. I like the chocolate cookies all by themselves, and with the "ice cream" between them, they're an even better treat. I’m sure they have these in Chocolate Town, wherever it may be.

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