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Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shots: See the latest tasty creation from Chef Ansel

Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shots – Could there be a better pairing in the history of all things sweet? The timeless coupling of cookies and milk, reminding us of the beloved smells that would waft out to our young noses as Tollhouse was baking up in the oven, is back in a new delectable creation by famed pastry chef Dominque Ansel.

According to CBS Pittsburgh today, if the Milk Shot maker’s name sounds familiar, it’s because you likely remember his famous "Cronut" creation – the croissant-doughnut hybrid that was all the rage.

Ansel has done it again. In an Instagram posted earlier today, the pastry chef revealed his Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shots. Cookies and milk is such a classic combo, but to date no one has ever brought the two together.

The Huffington Post says Ansel “came up with the idea when he ate his first Oreo, which was only a few weeks ago. (Apparently cookies and milk is not a natural combination in French culture, so he has been deprived of this winning combination until recently.)”

As with many of the chef's offerings, the simplicity of the combinations were already established, he simply puts them together in perfect food harmony.

“If everyone was drinking milk with cookies, you might as well make a dessert that allows them both to be combined,” Ansel said.

Ansel will be introducing his latest treats on Sunday, March 9 at South By Southwest in Austin.

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