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Chocoholics Unite! Chocolate Tasting Party

Chocolate bar squares
Chocolate bar squares
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February is the month most people associate with chocolate yet April is filled with Easter bunnies and chocolate eggs, October boasts chocolate for trick-or-treat and December brings Christmas with chocolate cakes and candy. All these months offer the decadent luxury of chocolate.

Hosting a tasting is not new the worlds of wine, cheese and cured meats also call for a special occasion.

Invite your friends.
A great way to send out an inexpensive invite is to use a web base tool like email, eVites or Facebook.

Ask each guest to bring a chocolate treat to share. As the host you should make a plan to offer some basic chocolate when you visit your local grocery store stroll down the candy aisle and they often carry imported chocolate bars and truffles. Choose flavors you haven't' had before just to make it interesting. You can also visit a chocolate shoppe and select a few nibs for melting.

Online is another great place to find a unique variety of chocolate that is not common in your area.

Also plan to have pics, tongs, plates and cups for serving. For dipping cut up a few fruits and serve the fruit on pics.

As a casual gathering you can just layout the various candy bars around the room on tables where people will be gathering. Set up the other treats on a table or the kitchen counter/bar. If you have a fondue pot you can melt the chocolate for dipping or place a chocolate fountain as a central focus. Add a warm hot chocolate drink and serve sparking water or milk to wash it all down.

Take out some games for people to play and add some music from your favorite era and enjoy an enriching evening with your friends.

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