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Chivas USA select three players during SuperDraft

ChivasUSA SuperDraft selection in 2013
ChivasUSA SuperDraft selection in 2013
Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Chivas USA selected three players during the 2014 MLS SuperDraft. It selected a player in each position (excluding goalkeeper) in hopes of adding some depth to its line up. Chivas USA was unsurprisingly at the bottom of the Western Conference table in 2013; this something to hope to avoid this year with the help of its new players Thomas McNamara, Kris Tyrpak and Michael Nwiloh.

McNamara was selected by Chivas USA as the first pick in the second round and was the twentieth pick overall. He is a midfielder that played his first four years at Brown University and then his fifth year at Clemson University. He won many awards and scored goals with both clubs. He may be just what it needs to keep its set up moving forward. It lacks cohesiveness throughout the entire squad, but maybe a solid midfielder will be able to help create chances for its forwards.

Tyrpak was selected as the second pick the third round and was the fortieth pick overall. He is a forward that played for Houston Bapatist, though it is noted that he plays well as a wing or outside midfielder. He could create a fantastic pair with recently acquired McNamara to help score some goals. It needs to get more players creating chances and helping its club advance. Its players may do well individually, but they need to build chemistry to get out of last place position.

Nwiloh was selected as the second pick in the fourth round and was the 59th pick overall. He is a defender from Georgia State. At 6-foot-3 he has a lot to offer as a defender. Sometimes a players' pure body mass helps him play his position better. Chivas USA has a great goalkeeper in Dan Kennedy and having Nwiloh to help him out may be perfect.

Hopefully, these three new players will be what Chivas USA needs to stop being a bottom-table club. They have lots of potential as long as Chivas USA gives them the opportunity.