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Chivalry: How to get the Woman of Your Dreams

We live in a fast paced world. What is your priority? If finding your dream girl is a top priority for you, don’t forget chivalry. Some may think chivalry has gone out of style, but it’s the best way to distinguish yourself from the competition. Yes, if she’s a good catch, you’re going to have competition.

You can make yourself stand out with chivalry because the little acts of respect and love go along way. What you do for your lady really does matter to her, no matter how small the gesture. Chivalry is a way to show her you are willing to put effort into making her your woman and keeping her. You shouldn’t only practice chivalry during special occasions. You need to show her she matters to you everyday, not when you want something from her. Open doors for her. Pull out her chair when you bring her out to eat or you cook her a meal at home. Hold her hand. Give her hugs. These actions of respect and love speak so much louder than any sweet talk you can say to her.

Be there for her. More importantly, listen to her. You want the woman of your dress to trust you enough to be open with her feelings. Do your best not to lose that trust from her.

Call or text her first thing in the morning and the right before bed to let her know she’s on your mind and close to your heart. But don’t forget to have a backbone, your woman will respect you more by you respecting yourself.

It’s all about the details. Show her your life may get busy,but you are always ready to put her first because you love her.

If you don’t take these steps, some other guy will do what you won’t do for her. Don’t lose because you’re afraid to step up. Just do it and you will get the girl of your dreams.

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