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Chirlane McRay talks of strides made for women

Chirlane McCray is flanked by this year's honorees
Chirlane McCray is flanked by this year's honorees
The Staten island Advance

Chirlane McRay honored women who have had tremendous achievements at the 2014 Staten Island Advance Women of Achievement luncheon. At the event today New York City's new First Lady reminded those in attendance of how great female accomplishments have been during the last few decades. “Make no mistake, this year’s women are truly inspiring,” she said today (April 3), added today's

"After praising the Advance for staging the event each year for 52 years, and recounting the many accomplishments of its honorees, Ms. McCray reminded the crowd that life wasn’t always so easy for women – even in her lifetime," according to a report on SI Live today.

When she was young, girls had to wear dresses, McRay said, with no choice for pants. "Some girls didn’t get to go to work or college, she said, just because they were women or women of color," added McRay, according to the report. She said she was already 10 when it became illegal to pay men and women differently for the same work, she said to the crowd. And it was 10 years after she began her career in New York that courts sexual harassment was deemed unlawful employment discrimination, added The Advance.

“These victories – and they are victories – may seem inevitable today, but most of you know that’s not the case,” Ms. McCray said. “We’ve had to fight hard -- day and night, year after year,” according to McRay on SI Live.

She delivered greetings from her husband, Mayor Bill de Blasio, who did not attend the luncheon, added today's report.“When it comes to elevating women the mayor doesn’t just talk,” Ms. McCray said. According to McRay, Mayor Bill de Blasio has appointed women to more than half of his high-ranking appointments in this administration, she said.

Other honorees according to SI Live were Mindy Chung, Carolyn Clark, Janet Robinson, Jean Ringhoff, Luanne Sorrentino and Doreen Cugno. The event took place at the Hilton Garden Inn in Staten Island.

“To be honored, right now, it’s breathtaking,” Ms. Robinson said to the audience. Ms. Robinson’s older sister traveled all the way from South Carolina to attend the luncheon. “My father is still alive, so he’s here to see it – he’s 93,” she said, added SI Live.

All in all the spirit of volunteerism has had a powerful impact on this year's honorees. It was evident in the pride they had and in their distinguished achievement.