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Chips for gluten-free snacking and recipe ingredients

Mighty Good BBQ chips are sweet, spicy and gluten-free as a low calorie, high nutrition snack.

Products that can do 'double duty' in a pantry are those that can be eaten as is and turned into another recipe, too. When they are tasty, nutritious, and fairly priced that makes them even more desirable for you and your family.

Van's Natural Foods ( has two homeruns with in their line of snack chips.

First, there is 'Nacho, Nacho Man' - or what may also be thought of as a nacho cheese flavored chip. Light and not greasy, the flavorful chip is great as an afternoon snack - 15 large sized chips are in one generous portion. Or, if you like chips as a side dish to a sandwich or burger, you won't bust a calorie budget either. About this chip, Van's said, "You know the song, so we won’t sing it, but taking a bite of these multigrain chips might have you belting out a tune yourself. Featuring 18g of whole grains and made with brown rice, oats, millet, quinoa and amaranth, these are nachos you can enjoy every single day."

What makes them extra special is the recipes you can find on Van's blog page that provide their products as ingredients for every day family dining.

In one post, Van's uses another chip, 'Mighty Good BBQ chips,' for the coating on chicken fingers. Here's the recipe online: (Just remember to substitute the 1/3 cup of panko crumbs for gluten-free crumbs.) This recipe makes a wonderful dinner entree or party snacks when doubled. According to Van's, "No other savory barbecue can guarantee 18g of whole grains in their grilled goods…but we can! Our gluten free multigrain chips are filled with the goodness of (gluten-free grains) and they’ve got that hot-off-the-grill smoked flavor."

Tasty, nutritious, and lots of variety in a chip that is also a great ingredient can be found in Van's gluten-free snack chips.

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