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Chips Ahoy joins the ranks of pranks as they introduce Cookie Guy

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On March 10, Chips Ahoy cookies, will start their new line of commercials featuring their modern redesigned character, the next small thing called Cookie Guy. As if Nabisco needs more attention drawn to these addictive treats, they will give a more human quality to their new mascot, as he returns embodying the lighthearted, playful, slightly mischievous spirit of Chips Ahoy!

Check out this sneak peek video, and see how shoppers in a supermarket react to the prank by the new character who is anxious to be released from his bag, and amazes and even frightens shoppers who hear him wriggling and giggling inside his bag, while on the supermarket conveyor belt. These candid shots will give you a chuckle and remind you to check the bag thoroughly when you buy these yummy cookies.

Chips Ahoy even have their own Facebook and Twitter pages, so you can like and follow them!

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