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Chipotle offers new vegan protein option: Sofritas

Chipotle offers the newest menu item: sofritas
Chipotle offers the newest menu item: sofritas
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Open since 1993, I have to admit I've never been to Chipotle…until recently. The reason I decided to go is because I was invited to try out their new menu item, which would remain a secret until I arrived at the 101 Summer St., Boston location.

I’m glad I finally made it to Chipotle because I would never have known that they serve food fast, but are not fast food…and they serve non-GMO, organic food.

Sofritas are new to the menu as a protein option of organic, non-GMO shredded tofu from Hodo Soy of San Francisco, Calif., braised with chipotle chilies, roasted poblano peppers and a blend of aromatic spices, heavy on the cumin. Although I like tofu and poblano peppers, I am not so fond of cumin, so this menu item was not for me. But what I did discover is that they make the best guacamole outside of Mexico, and that you can order a la carte to your liking.

Although you could select a burrito, taco or salad, I selected a bowl to-go for my lunch next day, with grilled chicken pieces, brown cilantro-lime rice, organic black beans, sour cream and guacamole on top. There were many more options, including a corn salsa, but I wanted to keep it as simple as possible.

Next day, I took the tortilla chips I got in a brown to-go bag, and I began using the chips as a spoon to my slightly heated dish of deliciousness. What an incredible meal I discovered, and now that I know there’s a Chipotle near me; in fact, out of 1,600 restaurants worldwide there are about 70 locations in and around Boston, I’ll be back. And a long line of vegetarians will be there too, if they know what’s good.

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