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Chip Curley: Made tough in Nashville

Smile! Chip has a new camera
Barbara Dale Fisher Curley

Chip Curley is well known as one of Nashville’s most prolific archivists. Back in April of 2009, after only writing for the Examiner for a few months, I did a brief article making mention of his talents and his website Nashville Websites.

Since that time, Chip has continued to add to his immense collection of photos, videos and links. Well, until recently anyway. As happens to even the sturdiest of us, he fell victim to some health issues. In his case, the issues were serious.

A couple weeks after dealing with a broken shoulder and wrist—around the end of March—Chip found himself at Williamson Medical Center in CCU. What had been thought to be a possible stroke, turned out to be a brain infection with heart complications. By April 24th, he was moved to Vanderbilt to deal with the heart problems.

On the 25th, Chip underwent a heart catheterization and had stents implanted. A few days after that, it was announced that he might need a bypass, another stent or even a pacemaker and defibrillator. A few days after that, things got even crazier. In the words of his wife, Barbara, on Facebook:

Yesterday around 4:00pm Chip coded - they had to shock him, paddles, CPR, broke his ribs and beat him but he survived!!!! They saved his life. Today they went back in and one of the stents they put in last Thursday had clogged and they replaced it and then they were able to put a stent in his main artery, which was completely blocked. They only had given him a 50/50 chance of success. Miracles do happen and lots of prayers answered. Thank you each and everyone. Tomorrow they hope to do a Pacemaker Plus Defibrillator. Need prayers for tomorrow also. He says he feels like someone beat him up and they did - to save his life.

Watching this drama unfold has been quite the harrowing ordeal for his friends and family. I’m sure that Chip will attest that it’s been no picnic for him, either. Slowly but surely, though, Chip has been making strides at recovery and is currently at Green Hills Health and Rehab. It appears miracles do happen, and prayers do get answered.

Unfortunately, the bills—which well exceed a quarter of a million dollars—are not being paid for by any insurance. The health nightmare may have subsided, but the financial one is just beginning.

But in spite of all of these trials, Chip Curley remains upbeat and positive. A few days ago, on his Facebook page, he wrote:

“What a beautiful day to be alive.”

And the other day, he posts:

“My grandson Bryce Curley graduates from Gallatin High tonight. I won’t make it, but they are feeding it to the Internet. Next best thing to being there and I can watch in my pjs.”

The world is a better place with Chip in it, don’t you think?

By the way, for the many friends and acquaintances of Chip Curley who would like to help out with the astronomical medical bills he and Barbara have incurred, please see below:

A check can be made out to “Chip Curley Medical Care Fund” and mailed to:

Franklin Synergy Bank - Downtown Franklin
Att: Lori Fisher
722 Columbia Ave
Franklin, TN 37064

Or a check can be made out to “Chip Curley Medical Care Fund” and dropped off at any Franklin Synergy Bank:

1. Franklin Synergy Bank - Downtown Franklin
722 Columbia Ave
Franklin, TN 37064

2. Franklin Synergy Bank - Cool Springs
3301 Aspen Grove Drive, Suite 106
Franklin, TN 37067

3. Franklin Synergy Bank - Brentwood
4930 Thoroughbred Lane
Brentwood, TN 37027

4. Franklin Synergy Bank - Westhaven
1015 Westhaven Blvd, Ste 150
Franklin, TN 37064

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