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Chihuahuas Steal the Show at Cinco de Mayo Festival

One chihuahua gets ready to race down the stage.
One chihuahua gets ready to race down the stage.
Nadia Archuleta

The 27th Annual Cinco de Mayo Festival took place in Civic Center Park in Denver on May 3 and 4th.

One of the participants of the annual Chihuahua Races.
Nadia Archuleta

Cinco de Mayo is meant to commemorate the May 5, 1862, battle in Puebla, Mexico. The Mexican army was out-numbered and surrounded by the French forces. Yet the Mexican army managed to defeat the French and, eventually, win their freedom.

These days, Cinco de Mayo is mostly a celebration of culture.

The Cinco de Mayo Festival in Denver offers so many Mexican food specialties such as tortas, burritos and tacos. Oh, and there's beer and tequila. And marinated chicken. And churros. And funnel cake -- ok, that one's not really a Mexican specialty.

Entertainment is free. On Saturday the 7th annual Green Chile Bowl Cook Off took place. Visitors got to taste and vote for their favorite green chile. Word to the wise -- this is Mexican green chile. Read -- it's hot. Bands play throughout the two days at two stages. There's a taco eating contest.

The highlight of the festival, though, is the annual Jammin' 101.5 Chihuahua Race. The race took place just south of the seal pond on May 4th, supposedly at 3:00. The race did not start at 3:00. They were still signing up chihuahuas at 3:00. Nonetheless, the race was worth the wait. Chihuahuas barked. Chihuahuas yipped. Chihuahuas shook. Some chihuahuas ran the race, but many just burrowed in their owner's hands.

The runner up to the Chihuahua Race was the low-rider car show.