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Chinese Zodiac Predictions for 2014

Chinese Sign: Dog
Regarding all aspects of your life, 2014 will be an important year for you. This is particularly focused on your career, job, and education. Matters related to your profession rank above the personal ones in terms of importance, and you will find yourself extremely busy with almost no time for socializing.

Chinese Sign: Dragon
The sign of the Dragon will have a good year, because those born under it work hard and have patience, thus ensuring that they accomplish even the most difficult tasks. If you’re a Dragon, rest assured that your friends will offer a helping hand whenever you need them.

Chinese Sign: Horse
2014 will be an amazing year for the sign of the Horse as well. After all, it is their year. Your achievements will propel you ahead of others, a state of things which will make you feel truly content.

Chinese Sign: Monkey
This year will bring a wealth of happy moments for those born under the sign of the Monkey. Your skills and talents will prove helpful in creating a niche for yourself. There may also be work associates who will try to help you, so don’t forget to be grateful and to show it.

Chinese Sign: Ox
If you are an Ox, know that 2014 will be a memorable year for you. Whatever may have blocked your way to success in the precious year will no longer hold you back. This year you can finally take matters in your own hands and rapidly advance in life.

Chinese Sign: Pig
You should create some changes in 2014. In order to do that, you will most likely be busy making plans and you won’t be happy with how things come out unless they are exactly as you pictured them.

Chinese Sign: Rabbit
For people born under the sign of the Rabbit, this year will be a time marked by several important events. It is possible that someone may tell you about their wish to be in a relationship with you.

Chinese Sign: Rat
Those who are Rats will receive many financial opportunities in 2014. This is a year for you to learn, explore, and grow, thus making remarkable progress in all areas of your life.

Chinese Sign: Rooster
The year of 2014 is all about letting go of the old and embracing the new for the individuals born under the sign of the Rooster. During this period of time, you may receive opportunities to improve your life. If you got married recently, happiness is written in the stars for you.

Chinese Sign: Sheep
For Sheep, 2014 will be a rather confusing, mixed year. What you achieve, your results may not meet your expectations, so you won’t be satisfied with what you receive for all your hard work.

Chinese Sign: Snake
This year promises to be a good, active, and busy year for those born under the sign of the Snake. You will channel your energy and efforts into matters that require your immediate attention. Things are bound to improve in areas such as education and work issues.

Chinese Sign: Tiger
Tigers will go through a vibrant, joyous period in 2014. This year you will surely see most of your dreams come true.

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