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Chinese socialite puts her own race on blast

While the Real Housewives franchise has become hugely popular in recent years, Bravo isn’t the only network that’s cashing in on voyeurism into the lives of the ridiculously rich. The new series #Rich Kids of Beverly Hills on E! has become the new go-to show for those in the higher tax bracket that aren’t yet married with kids.

While the show may be without the divorce and children drama, it definitely has its own share of what is scandal-worthy in the life of young adults living off their parents’ money. The name of the show already has people in an uproar, since the cast is old enough to drink (therefore, not really kids). Things like spilling sangria on a pair of ridiculously expensive shoes, a threat to be cut off financially by your parents or how to split a bill by a billionaire’s daughter are just a few of the conflicts dealt with in the show.

However, the biggest surprise on the show has to be Dorothy Wang, the daughter of a billionaire mogul. The initial elation by the Asian community of how refreshing it is to see someone of Asian descent on a reality show quickly turned to disgust when Dorothy started making comments against her own race.

In an episode where Dorothy is open to being set up for potential suitors by her friend, Dorothy makes a comment about how she won’t date anyone with a fetish. She then goes on to say that if a man has a fetish about dating Asian women, well then he should go to a nail salon. Not only is this a comment that is a negative racial stereotype but it also is found to be quite offensive to those in the Asian community.

Only time will tell on whether or not the show will be a hit with audiences but since it seems that people are still watching the Kardashians after all their flubs, standards aren’t too high of what is deemed television-worthy on E! network.

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