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Chinese socialite makes attempt towards getting back to her roots

The new series, #Rich Kids of Beverly Hills on E! has definitely drawn its fair share of criticism from audiences. While some are irked by the fact that the cast members aren't kids and are in fact in their 20's, others are bothered by the indulgent spending and the frivolousness of their daily lives.

However, the Asian community had high hopes for cast member, Dorothy Wang, since she would essentially be one of the only Asian cast members featured on reality television. Hopes were definitely dashed early on in the series since Dorothy was so quick to throw her own culture under the bus. Instead of uplifting the Asian community by showing how not all Asians are meant to be the comic relief in a show and are in many cases highly successful, well-spoken and educated people; Dorothy has helped to perpetuate the stereotype by making derogatory comments against Asians in general.

In an episode where Dorothy was asked about potential suitors, she made a comment about how anyone who has an Asian fetish should visit a nail salon. In another episode where Dorothy is seen driving a jet ski, she makes a comment about how surprisingly well she drove considering she is an Asian driver.

However, in the latest episode of #Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, Dorothy is suddenly more inclined to attach herself to her Chinese roots since she realized it would help with legitimizing her real estate career. Not only is she seen speaking Mandarin to potential clients but she is also shown in an interview where she acknowledges the fact that many Chinese clients are sought after in the Beverly Hills real estate market.

Only time will tell how this change might affect how she is depicted on the show and how she continues to represent her culture but many are already skeptical in whether or not Dorothy will be able to redeem herself in the eyes of the Asian community.

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