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Chinese restaurant owners plead guilty to 13 wildlife charges

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Many cultures have their own superstitions when it comes to what they deem worthy for medicinal uses or what may have aphrodisiac properties. While oysters are thought to be an aphrodisiac here in the United States, anyone who’s seen an episode of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern knows that countries around the world have their own take on what foods they think can be a stimulant.

The Chicago SunTimes reported, “The owners of a Chinese restaurant in Helena (Montana) have been fined nearly $5,000 for buying and possessing black bears and bear parts, including a bucket of 12 bear paws found at the restaurant.”

The attorney for Heng “Susan” Huang stated in court that the black bear gallbladders were intended for medicinal use for a hip injury she incurred. There has yet to be any statements released on whether or not the black bear parts were ever used in the actual dishes served in the restaurant.