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Chinese police opened fire on Tibetans in Derge

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There is never a day without news of tensions in Tibet. Most recently 10 Tibetans were injured as Chinese police opened fire on Tibetans in Derge reported on Aug. 13, 2014. The Chinese police opened fire on protesters who were demanding the release of a local Tibetan village leader in Denma town, Sershul County, Kardze Tibet Autonomous Prefecture.

At the time of the shootings there were more than a hundred Tibetans sitting outside the local Chinese administrative
office in Denma town’s Lochuk area who were protesting against the arrest of Wangdak, head of Shukpa village in Sershul County. Wangdak was taken away from his home by the Chinese police around midnight on Monday.

It has been said Wangdak’s arrest was associated with an argument with local Chinese officials who reportedly harassed some girl members of a dance troupe. The girls had been invited to perform at an annual Tibetan festival. The members of the dance troupe apparently asked Wangdak for help. Wangdak has been known among his fellow villagers for helping local residents with various matters.

Wangdak had also recently objected to the Chinese authorities’ orders to cancel a local horse racing and religious gathering which they claimed were illegal. Wangdak has argued that he sees horse racing and offering of incense to have been traditional festivals of the Tibetans.

Chinese paramilitary police opened fire on crowds of Tibetan protesters in Sershul county in eastern Tibet who were calling for the release of their respected leader reports The Tibet Post. Wangdak is a respected Tibetan man who was secretly taken from his home by Chinese authorities for allegedly opposing repressive Chinese policies in Tibet. Prayers are now being said for Wangdak.

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