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Chinese-luxe eatery Philippe Chow Beverly Hills is ready for business!

Kobe Bryant with chef Philippe Chow and Sophie Gayot
Kobe Bryant with chef Philippe Chow and Sophie Gayot
courtesy of PR

Since opening its doors in 2009, Philippe's has built a sound reputation as an unforgettable dining experience and excellent place for celebrity star gazing. But at the close of 2013 saw the hotspot relocate to Beverly Hills, and we're glad to report that it's business as usual and the relocation was the best thing this business could have done as this is the newest place to go if you want to experience the Hollywood lifestyle and run into a few inside and on your way out the door.

Philippe Chow is known worldwide for its signature hand-pulled noodles, peking duck and its trademark bold red and black decor, Philippe's remains a key place to see and be seen for pop culture's elite and socialites alike. Megastars including Oprah (who once openly named the restaurant her favorite), Drake, Kobe and Nicki Minaj turn to Philippe's when anything else just won't due and in a city like Los Angeles that's as normal as getting a Starbucks or running in the canyons. Philippe's has stood the test of time and from the look and taste, will continue to be the place to go.

This is the place to be seen and to simply people watch as on any given night you could find yourself sharing a server with Kevin Hart, bump into Ryan Seacrest at valet waiting for your car or maybe keep up with your favorite Kardashian, as a whole new crop of A-listers continue to frequent this establishment for some of the best food in town.

Under the leadership of entertainment mogul/owner Manny Halley, the Chinese-luxe eatery is evolving to meet the growing demand of its famous clientele as well as the average joe, who keeps coming for the food that is well worth the trip into Beverly Hills, while simultaneously preparing for a brand expansion.

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