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Chinese hotel workers 'fed up' with Michelle Obama and her entourage

Michelle and family getting off the plane
Michelle and family getting off the plane

Despite having 24-hour butler service and being catered to on every whim, Michelle Obama and her family still don’t seem to be happy with their $8,350-per-night presidential suite in Beijing.

The staff at the Westin Beijing has said that they’re “fed up” with her and that she and her entourage have pissed off “pretty much everybody” the DailyMail is reporting.

According to the DailyMail “The sumptuous pad at the Westin Beijing Chaoyang hotel – its website calls the room 'an oasis of comfort – is a 3,400-square-foot masterpiece including a private steam room, 'corner sofas with silk pillows,' and in-room dining for six.”

You would think that with the Westin having to cancel reservations from existing customers so that the Secret Service could monopolize the top floors that the Obama’s would be a little more gracious, but that’s not the case. A veteran staffer at the front desk of the luxury hotel said that Michelle’s mother, Marian Robinson, has been “barking at the staff since she arrived,” way to keep it classy lady.

The Secret service has also been closing down elevators in anticipation of Michelle and her gang, only to have the First Lady procrastinate and take far longer than expected which has been a major inconvenience to everybody in the hotel, according to another staffer there.

Additionally the Secret Service and Chinese authorities are scanning every person who enters the hotel at the door, much like at an airport, with checkpoints and all throughout the hotel.

The unidentified staffer told the DailyMail that “Many of them are Asian, too, or Americans who are Asian, so you know our guests don't understand.

“We can't wait for this to be over, to tell you the truth,' he said in a sudden hush. 'We entertain many important people here, but this has been, I think, very different.”

Michelle Obama’s spokesperson declined comment as did a member of the Secret Service detail.

As the Washington Times reported, Michelle Obama traveled to China with nearly 70 people in her entourage, including her two daughters, Sasha and Malia, and her mother. The entire trip has been at the cost of the taxpayers, however she had forbidden any members of the American media to accompany her on the trip.

The conservative watchdog group, Judicial Watch reported that the Obama’s 13-hour trip to Africa for Nelson Madela’s funeral cost taxpayers $11 million, and their 2013 trip to Africa which was substantially longer cost over $100 million. The full cost of her current trip hasn’t been disclosed, however considering the cost of their other vacations it’s safe to assume that this one won’t come cheap for Americans, many of whom are struggling to keep food on the table for their families.

But hey, income inequality, right?

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