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Chinese comfort food in Norcross

The smell of Burger King permeates the area of Holcomb Bridge Road and Spalding Drive in Norcross. There’s no way of getting around it. Just ask anyone who works in the area. I’m not 100 percent sure, but I think the folks at BK do something more than just pump out their own flame-broiled “goodness” into the suburban Atlanta air. It’s no wonder that many other restaurants in the vicinity of Burger King are in its shadows. Yes, a PepsiCo KFC (or is it KGC?) /Taco Bell unit and nearby Dunkin Donuts do brisk business, but it’s that darn BK that seems to get too much attention. It’s the locals who struggle to grab the spotlight in the area. That couldn’t be truer for Tientsin, a Chinese Peking Cuisine establishment that has been operating out of the Spalding Woods Village Shopping Center for over two decades. It’s the first restaurant that I visited when I moved to the Atlanta area 20 years ago. No matter where I lived throughout my time here, I have always come back for their Garlic Chicken, Mongolian Beef or Sizzling Rice Shrimp.

To me and probably scores of other transplants to the Atlanta metro area’s northeast side of town, Tientsin has provided us with what I consider the closest thing to Asian comfort food and tradition. The service is always friendly and first-rate. I have gotten to know the owners and staff through the years when I brought family, friends, roommates, my wife and child. From my young adulthood to my now-middle-age years, Tientsin has been there for me. I can’t say that for the other establishments around Tientsin. Indeed the overpowering Burger King has been there for quite some time, but a steak joint called The Barber Shop eventually became an Outback Steakhouse – both are long gone as well as other restaurants.

Tientsin offers incredible family style dinners and some of the best appetizers in the city including Pot Stickers, Egg Rolls and Peking Rib.

For more information:

Call:  770-662-8736

Tientsin is located at: 4015 Holcomb Bridge Rd in Norcross, GA 30092