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Chinese children outperform American children of professionals [math symbols]. Retrieved from: [math symbols]. Retrieved from:
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A new study released Tuesday, February 18, 2014, showed that Chinese children of cleaners outperform American and British children even when the latter are children of professionals (for example, doctors and lawyers). What is particularly interesting is that a definite positive correlation was drawn, in this study, between the occupation of one's parent, and how well the child performed at mathematics. It should therefore come as no surprise that American and British children likewise did poorly in comparison to children of Chinese professionals.

According to the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Deveopment) analysts who conducted the study:

"In the United States and the United Kingdom, where professionals are among the highest paid in the world, students whose parents work as professionals do not perform as well in mathematics as children of professionals in other countries...Nor do they perform as well as the children in Shanghai, China and Singapore, whose parents work in manual occupations."

The same analysts likewise noted, however, that it is possible that these results come from the fact that, although the children of factory workers and cleaners in China perform better in mathematics, it must be remembered that these children are nonetheless provided with a level of education that is quite high-quality.

"Chinese children beat Western kids at mathematics: study." Web. 2014 February 19. Retrieved from:

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