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Chinese astrological view of fall season.


Chinese Autumn season, the season of the element Metal began at 23:57 on August 7 in Beijing. There being 12 hourly divisions of the Chinese astrological clock, 12 charts for the regions of the world were drawn up.

The general indications are as follows. Adding up the elements for the entire world we get 66 Earths, 55 Metals, 34 Woods, 28 Waters and 23 Fires. Earth and Metal are the strongest elements. Fire is the weakest. Metal and Earth contract. The charts also show that Yang is more than twice as present as Yin. Some areas in the world have extreme Yang. The strongest Yang element is Yang Earth and the weakest Yin is Yin Wood and Yin Fire. This all means that the natural energy of the earth at this turning point is forcefully contracting. Looking back at the Chinese New Year chart we see the first half of the year was marked by an exaggerated, over balanced Wood meaning forceful expansion and violence. The events of the past half year have borne this out. So now there is a forceful movement in the earth in the opposite, contracting direction. This will produce some shocks in the world, but the trend is soon to establish order and balance.

The first month of Autumn, which sets the tone for the entire season, is Wood Monkey. Wood Monkey against the year sign, Metal Tiger, shows a big clash. The tone of this Autumn season is majorly discordant and restless.

Monkey is traveling star for Tiger. This means that the whole world must be engaged in changing the status quo to avoid misfortune. A big change is afoot, in other words.

Western Asia and the entire Western Hemisphere have the star Tien Yi, or Sky Medicine Star, the luckiest of all the stars. Tien Yi helps resolve predicaments and wards off misfortune. The situation in the West has now some promise of positively resolving difficulties that have been in affect for the past many months.

The chart for China and east has what is called Amiable Deity. This means that China, while maintaining a friendly attitude will do her best to be independent. Amiable deity is not good for partnerships, but favors acting independently. So, behind a friendly smile, China will follow her own independent direction now.

The West, on the other hand has what is called Explicit Talent Deity which favors those of us who are creative, determined and full of new ideas. It favors the arts, talent related professions, law, foreign relations, invention and innovation. This is a time for people in the West to start innovating and inventing.

The Yang nature of the time means to be active. The predominance of Earth and Metal brings everything to focus. As the season moves into Winter the dynamic of focusing will intensify. It is essential, therefore to determine the aim. If the aim is not clear, the intensification of focus will bring about entrapment in undesirable conditions. It is well to know where you are heading.

The universal Star of the beginning of Autumn this year is 5 Earth Star. This means balance. It implies judgement. If you know what you are doing you can use the energetic shift now happening to your good advantage.

Looking at the different areas of the world we have the following.

The chart for Beijing is extremely Yang. China is taking an independent road and will make some important changes in her business dealings. There is a lot of clashing in the chart. This means that the country has big challenges and the government means to assert itself to establish order.

The charts for Eastern China, Korea, Japan, Indo-China, Malaysia and Indonesia show forcefulness. The forces are contracting sharply. This does indicate earth tremors in that region. It also indicates an intention to pull back in international dealings. The predominance of Metal in the Far East at this time also warns of military dangers, especially for Korea.

The chart for Australia also shows a strong clash that may be expressed in political fighting.

The chart for New Zealand is totally Yang; it has absolutely no Yin. And it shows strong clashes. This suggests that at the longitude of New Zealand which includes the far western Pacific region there is bound to be volcanic activity and/or seismic activity.

The chart for Western China, Tibet, Pakistan, India and that general region has what is called a triple punishment aspect and is predominantly Yang. Because of the cooling and contracting nature of the time the violent weather patterns will eventually abate after having wreaked havoc and leaving a lot of people in misery. The coming winter will be very hard. Many people will die of starvation and disease.

The chart for Afghanistan and Iran shows a strong need for balancing. There is a lot of clashing in the chart which points to violent activity coming up this fall. The contracting nature of the time warns that this conflict will get more deeply engrained so that violence will not abate. Seismic events can also happen as the elements in this region are now clashing very severely. That region of north of Iran and Afghanistan which includes Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan and then up into Russia in the Ural mountain region is also under these discordant energies. A lot of trouble in Russia.

The chart for Moscow and western Russia also shows great discord. The ecological catastrophe of the severe drought and the fires currently affecting Russia is taking a big toll on the country and will bring great difficulties in its wake through this Fall and coming Winter.

The chart for the region of eastern and western Europe, Israel, Turkey, the western side of the Middle East, Egypt and North Africa shows a more balanced picture. While there is plenty of clash in the chart positive actions taken will result in good outcomes. The opposite is also possible. The indications for this region are flexible. It can go one way and the other now. However, noting the contracting trend in the natural elements the direction taken needs careful consideration.

The chart for Britain of all the regions in the world is the most perfectly balanced. This is a hopeful sign for the UK and for Ireland as well as Portugal and West Africa. No matter what the clashes in the chart the energy is so well balanced that affairs have a good chance of functioning well and succeeding. The general tone of contraction will be experienced in the UK in pulling back on expenditures. Corrective measures may succeed in a positive direction.

The chart for Greenland shows Fire empty, meaning Fire has no more power. The contraction of the forces will bring on a freeze.

The chart for eastern Brazil and and Argentina also shows a balancing trend. In Argentina there may be a cold wave and/or the Spring may have cold damp spells. The coming summer for Argentina may, on the other hand, turn out to be very hot.

The Chart for eastern USA, Colombia, Venezuela, western Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Chile has extreme clash with triple punishment and Yang far outbalances Yin. This points to several dangers which will involve Venezuela as it persues a path of conflict with Colombia and the US. The political arena in the US is also facing some strong conflicts and the country's involvement in war will deepen.

The chart for the mid-west which includes the Gulf region and the eastern side of Mexico is also showing strong clash and triple punishment. There will be large storms on both the east coast and the gulf region this season. Problems in the Gulf may still come up. And there is a lot of violence that can be anticipated in the border region of Texas and Mexico. The whole spirit on the entire eastern half of the US is turbulent.

The chart for the mountain region including the SW, Albuquerque, NM where this writer resides, the western side of Mexico and the west coast shows the energy tending to balance and settle despite clashes and discords. Seismic activity in the far west does not appear, except, if it happens it may more probably be before the winter sets in. The turning of the Fall in this chart is the most violent period energetically. We might say that this first lunation period from August 10th to September 8th could bring up earth activity. But the earth's chi is now in a contracting phase. It is possible to say that contracting so intensely after a six month period of intense expansion can trigger a violent event. It's like throwing the car into reverse when it's going full speed ahead in top gear. Something might break.

The chart for Alaska and Hawaii shows a fairly balanced picture. No element is out of balance. If there is any seismic activity in this region it will tend to bring balance.

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  • Kala Ambrose - National Metaphysical Spirituality 4 years ago

    Fantastic information Raphael, really enjoyed this article!

  • Robyne Chamberlain 4 years ago

    Interesting comment on Australia again in light of the elections happening in just over a week's time.

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