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Chinese astrological portrait of Madonna


Madonna, whose birthday is on August 16th, was born in the year of Earth Dog, the month of Metal Monkey, and day of Wood Ox and the hour of Earth Rabbit. Her birth year star is 9 Fire, month star is 7 Metal and tendency star is 7 Metal. She is highly artistic and sociable and is a hard worker. Her chart has six Metals, five Earths, two Waters, two Woods and one Fire. She has a very strong sense of focus and sees herself as being on the cutting edge.

While the period from her late teens through her 30s saw the expansive development of Madonna's performing talents, she is now coming into her peak cycle beginning this year and lasting over the next eleven years. She is likely now to explore more original avenues of expression and to act more independently than ever before.

Madonna's career will undergo a significant change in the coming years as she will rise to new levels of accomplishment. The next eleven years promisses far greater ease of accomplishment than ever before. Through this year and into 2011 Madonna will be able to assert herself more and more forcefully. The doors to her peak cycle in life are now opening.

Madonna's vital element is Wood. Wood shows in her chart very strongly from age 43 to age 63. She is in a very strong position, and, entering her peak cycle, she is in very resilient condition.

From age 52 onward, Madonna has the star called Flower of Romance. This means greater happiness is coming.

This year, 2010, brings significant challenges to Madonna's career. But she can take full advantage of it as she is in a peak year of creative ability and people are well disposed toward her.

We can look forward to the coming years of Madonna's career for the positive influence she will have in the world.

A Chinese horary chart was made for a question what the future looks like for Madonna. The horary chart shows that from the enrichment of her knowledge, she is looking forward to a productive period coming up. 

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  • Profile picture of Randi Kratz
    Randi Kratz 4 years ago

    Good examination. It's nice to be intrigued about a person, especially while using astrology, for it helps one extract more information about the subject. I can tell that you find Madonna interesting, or am I mislead? Great article... I like that you peered into her future a little bit.

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