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Chinese Actress Mina Yang joins the cast of 'Kimchi Warrior' web series

Chinese actress Mina Yang recently voiced the character of Feiyan for an episode of the popular kids web series Kimchi Warrior.

Actress Mina Yang
Courtesy of Mina Yang

Created by Korean producer, director and writer Young Man Kang, "Kimchi Warrior" won three awards at the LA Web Festival, including Best Animated Series, Best Cinematography and Best Score.

Featuring a unique blend of food, martial arts and comedy, the web series follows the adventures of Kimchi Warrior, who obtains supernatural strength by consuming the most prominent Korean dish, Kimchi, to defend mankind from some of the world's most notorious diseases (i.e. The Swine Flu, Mad Cow Disease, Malaria, SARS etc.)

According to Kang, it was Yang's authentic Chinese accent which allowed her to stand out from the usual Hollywood actors who attempt to speak in a foreign accent.

"In animation you can hear their voice. Everything has to be shown through the voice," said Kang. "She has a real Chinese native accent. I like that kind of real accent. That way it feels real."

Yang who was born as Yang Binmi, grew up in Chongqing, China, a major city located by Yangtze River.

"My town is famous for its spicy food, hot weather and also hot girls. Its also actually very famous for hot pot," Yang said. "It's spicy food. It's cooked in a very big pot. It can be like 10 or 20 people sitting around and eating meat. It's just like Korean barbecue but like a big pot version. You can throw everything in it and just keep boiling and keep eating. It's like nonstop."

Gaining experience as a host at very young age, Yang would go onto compete in numerous speech contests, including winning a local speech championship.

By age 18, she had made her first TV appearance as a guest star in a popular Chinese TV series.

Later, Yang attended the prestigious Chongqing University to study theater. But after one year, she made the decision to dropout of college and move to Hollywood to pursue her passion for acting.

She enrolled at the famed American Academy of Damatic Arts, and performed in plays, TV shows, commercials, movies and voice-overs.

Fluent in Mandarin, English and Sichuan dialect (which is primarily spoken in her hometown region), Yang recently worked on a feature film "The Lessee" directed by Taiwanese filmmaker Teli Hsueh.

"We just finished filming," Yang said. "I played a newly married Chinese wife who moves to LA with her American husband, living in a big house he just bought. She doesn't have a job so to assist her husband, she helps to rent out the extra rooms in the house. But no matter how hard she tries, she still couldn’t adapt to a new life here. She has to go back to China for a short break. But her husband ends up having an affair with one of the tenants."

"She's like this character who doesn't know anything. She's very naive," said Yang. "It's actually not who I am, but it's kind of interesting to portray a conservative naive Chinese wife who might be a victim in the story but she doesn't even know it."

Yang also plays a role in the Sci-Fi short film "Paraphilia" which she describes as "a very art house short film."

She also appears in the yet to be released love story "Midnight Glance" about two strangers in a sleepless town, drawn together for a chance encounter.

In addition to her acting pursuits, Yang also hosts and produces "Asian Beauty Secrets" which she describes as a cosmetics show that introduces popular Asian beauty products, including anti-aging products, facial masks and makeups to viewers around the world.

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