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Chinese activist Hu Jia was beaten up in Beijing

Chinese activist Hu Jia
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Hu Jia has been recognized as a Chinese activist who is an outspoken critic of China's policy on Tibet. Recently Jia was beaten up by plain clothed men in Beijing reported on July 18, 2014. The men who beat Jia up are said to have been trained by the Chinese government.

Jia was assaulted outside a subway station in Beijing earlier in the week. He posted pictures of himself with a bloodied nose on his Twitter account and wrote that he was attacked by three men who were waiting for him in a parking lot. Jia suffered a maxillary frontal bone fracture according to his Twitter post. He said he thinks the attack was planned and reported it to the police.

Jia wrote that the men who beat him up drove away after the severe beating. His glasses fell off during this traumatic incident so he could not see the car's license plate as it drove away. Jia had just left a meeting with a Spanish documentary filmmaker who is making a movie about rights activist Cao Shunli, who died just after she was released from detention earlier this year after she was denied adequate medical care.

Jia has alleged that he was beaten up by a group of three or so people near the Caofang Station in Beijing’s Chaoyang District reports Shanghaiist. Jia was injured and asked a passer-by to help him take pictures. He is pictured in images with a bloodied nose. In 2008 Jia was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment in China. He was awarded the Sakharov Prize for his campaign for human rights and for his AIDS campaign. News of the recent beating of Jia is very troubling.

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