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Chinelle LaToya Thompson Browne killed, decapitated and dismembered over $200

Woman killed, decapitated and dismembered over $200 owed for rent.
Woman killed, decapitated and dismembered over $200 owed for rent.

A young Brooklyn mother of four, Chinelle LaToya Thompson Browne, was murdered and her body dismembered and decapitated by a woman who was trying to collect rent. The dismembered body parts, including her decapitated head, were found all over New York City and Long Island, by police, according to The Spread It on July 26.

Leah Cuevas rented out a room in her dead uncle's apartment to Browne and wanted money for the utility bill which came to $200. Browne refused to pay the $200 because there was no electricity or hot water in the apartment, according to the New York Daily News.

Witnesses in the building said they heard the two women fighting with Cuevas demanding the $200 from Browne, who was adamant the $200 dollars would not be paid. The women were heard screaming at one another by neighbors.

The scene inside the Brownsville apartment building on July 5, was an horrendous one as Cuevas viciously attacked the woman by cutting off her head, arms and legs while in a fit of anger over a measly $200.

Neighbors heard Browne's "gut-wrenching" screams during the attack. She was screaming out "No, Leah! What are you doing?" Browne then said "Oh, no! Oh no! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" as her last words. Neighbors heard Cuevas cursing at Browne and telling her to "Shut the f--- up." This is what the court documents convey went on in that apartment.

One of the witnesses told police that the "scare in Browne's voice is like nothing she has ever heard before." The court documents also show that this bitter dispute, which ended in a violent death was over nothing more than the $200 that Browne owed Cuevas for utilities and rent.

Browne was paying $400 a month for one room inside Cuevas's dead uncle's apartment, but "wouldn't provide reliable electricity and hot water" the court documents said. Browne, who is a Guyanese immigrant and who was in the U.S. for only a year, had refused to pay the $200 for electricity that she wasn't receiving.

A neighbor, Donald Watson, told the New York Daily News that Browne was tired of having no electricity, so she was taking that $200 and moving out. Apparently there was some other incidents that put bad blood between the two before this fatal incident. Browne had accused Cuevas of having sex on a bus with another man. She made the accusation with Cuevas's husband standing there.

The fighting stopped and this was the last time that Browne was heard alive. It wasn't until July 8, that the first of Browne's severed body parts were discovered. Browne's severed legs and torso were found in a municipal parking lot in Bay Shore.

The first set of body parts were found close to the Fire Island Ferry. A tattoo helped identify Browne. The body parts were found less than a mile from Cuevas's sister's home. An arm was found the next day on the front lawn of a home in Hempstead and the next day her other arm was found.

The grisly discovery of Browne's head was made in Hempstead on Boylston Street, near Chamberlain Street on July 17. Browne's family flew from Guyana to attend the court proceedings for Cuevas on Thursday.

The family cheered when it was decided by the judge that Cuevas would be held without bail. Apparently Browne was in the U.S. working and saving money to bring the rest of her family here to live. Her husband said she had made a lot of sacrifices for her family so they could all eventually live together in America.

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