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Chinchilla hammock tips

Chinchillas need a hammock or hut to rest in during the day.
Chinchillas need a hammock or hut to rest in during the day.
K Thomas

Chinchillas are popular pets for people who want a small, fluffy critter that has a curious disposition and seems to enjoy interacting with its owners. These little guys do need specialized care, though. One of the things many rescues and breeders recommend is a Chinchilla hammock for them to rest in during the day.

Making a simple small animal hammock is fairly easy. Cut tidy 12 inch squares from two pieces of no pill fleece, put them right sides together and sew around the edges, leaving a two to three inch gap on one side. Turn the piece right side out by pulling it through the gap. Handstitch the gap shut for a less noticable appearance or simply machine stitch it shut. Now, use your sewing machine to make a "buttonhole" at each of the four corners. Instead of using the buttonholes for buttons, you'll be using them to hold four bookbinding rings or other clips. Cut the centers of the buttonholes out, put the rings through the holes and hang your hammock.

Not into sewing? That's okay. Hammocks are not that expensive and they're fairly easy to find. Here in Cecil County, check Concord Pet Food and Supplies for a pre-made hammock.

Concord Pet Food and Supplies

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303 Augustine Herman Hwy
Elkton, MD 21922
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