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China to U.S. high-speed train: China considers railway, undersea tunnel to U.S.

China has plans to build a railway for a high-speed train to travel from Beijing to the United States. This train would be considered a “bullet” train reaching speeds of up to 200 mph. The train ride from China to the U.S. would take about two days, according to “Fox and Friends Weekend” on Sunday May 11.

China to U.S. railway would include a stretch of 125 miles of tunnel under the Bering Strait.
Map: China's proposed railway by InterBering

The Washington Post reports that an expert from Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chinese officials are considering a route that would bring the train across eastern Siberia and go under the Bering Strait in an underwater tunnel that would stretch for 125-miles and come out in Alaska.

Apparently Russia has considered this for many years, but it just never got off the ground. The “China-Russia-Canada-America” line would be 8,000 miles long, which is 1,800 miles longer than the Trans-Siberian railroad.

The tunnel planned for under the icy Bering Strait would be four times as long as the English Channel tunnel. The longest tunnel in use today is the Paijanne Water Tunnel in Finland, which is 74.6 miles long, according to the Telegraph. Building a tunnel another 50 miles doesn’t sound like it is out of the realm of possibility.

The state-run China Daily is adamant that the country doesn’t have the technology needed to successfully pull off a construction project of this size. There would need to be a second tunnel built on this railway project that would link the Chinese province of Fujian to Taiwan.

This railway would certainly make the world a smaller place by allowing rail travel between the four countries, U.S. Canada, Russia and China. According to Quartz this weekend, the train that the Chinese plan to use to travel across these four countries on two continents is a “bullet train.”

China boasts the world’s longest high-speed rail network today. By the year 2015, China plans to almost double the amount of the high-speed railway from 6,000 miles to about 11,000 miles.

Comparing the costs of other projects recently completed or projected for China, the estimated cost of this China to U.S. railway would be an astonishing $200 billion, in which $52 billion of that would be used for the underwater tunnel for the Bering Strait.

The China to U.S. rail project would be an amazing feat and an amazing thing see. Can you imagine taking a train to China, or Russia from the U.S.? That “slow boat to China” may soon be replaced by the bullet train. There is no projected timeline mentioned yet on this project.

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