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China seeks "New Collective Asia Security" in Shanghai summit

China will lead the way in strengthening collective security in Asia as the Fourth Summit of Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia opens in Shanghai today, according to the Hong Kong based newspaper Wen Wei Po.

China will address its security concerns to more than twenty Asian heads of states attending the meeting following a spate of escalating territorial disputes in the East China Sea over the Diaoyutai Islands with Japan and in the South China Sea over fishing and oil drilling rights with the Philippines and Vietnam, respectively.

The meeting also comes after a series of terrorist attacks in China in the past three months that have included knife attacks in Kunming in southern Yunnan Province, Guangzhou, and a bomb explosion in Urumqi in the western province of Xinjiang that have together resulted in dozens of lives lost and hundreds injured.

Analysts said that security threats to Asia include terrorism, maritime disputes, cross-border crime, the nuclear crisis in North Korea, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the Syrian War.

China's peaceful rise over the past decades has been disrupted this year by escalating territorial disputes that have resulted in bloodshed.

Just one week ago, workers of China and Taiwan-owned enterprises in Vietnam began rioting in their company facilities, setting fire to factories and reportedly killing scores of Chinese citizens just days after a water cannon fight broke out between Chinese and Vietnamese coast guard boats off a Chinese oil rig in the South China Sea.

Russian president Vladimir Putin will make a keynote address during the meeting in Shanghai while a joint Russian-Chinese military exercise is held in the East China Sea, a move which some media have said indicates Russia's pro-China position in the Diaoyutai Island disputes.

Through Chinese president Xi Jinping's address in the CICA, China will put forth for the first time a concept of the "New Collective Asia Security," which promotes the strengthening of Asian security by Asia nations, analysts said.

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