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China school stabbing ends with attacker's suicide, 3 children killed, 6 injured

A horrific China school stabbing ended with the attacker's suicide
A horrific China school stabbing ended with the attacker's suicide
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

A China school stabbing came to a grim end after three children died en route to a local hospital. Their attacker committed suicide. The incident took place at a school in the People's Republic of China's central Hubei province on Sept. 1, 2014, which was Labor Day in the United States and Canada. In China, it was the first day of school following the summer break, reported Reuters.

The Dongfang Primary School in Shiyan was the setting for the unprovoked knife attack. The alleged attacker was the parent of one of the schoolchildren there, a girl whose name has not been released to the media. Local police are investigating the shocking China school stabbing. They have identified the suspected assailant only by his surname, Chen.

The attacker committed suicide by jumping off a building following the school stabbing in China. He was the father of one of the students at the Dongfang primary school in Shiyan. The man was reportedly upset when school officials refused to register his daughter for classes because the girl had not completed her summer assignments. Hellbent on revenge, Chen broke into Dongfang Primary School around 10:20 a.m. on Monday, reported CNN. He was carrying a knife.

According to BBC News, six people were injured in the brutal attack in Shiyan city. That number is in addition to the three children who were stabbed to death at the Dongfang Primary School. Of the injured survivors, only one was an adult. The sole adult was a teacher at the school. The other five injured victims were all schoolchildren. Two of those children sustained serious injuries in the school stabbing in China.