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China's Lucky red: The biggest wine consumers in the world

Ever heard the phrase, "all the tea in China" well how about "all the red wine in China". The competitive China toppled the old-style wine-making countries of France and Italy. They’ve become the world's biggest consumer of red wine! A study was conducted by the International Wine & Spirit Research which concluded that the Chinese drank 1.8 plus billion bottle of red wine in 2013.

China's lucky red puts them above the rest

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The Chinese contribute 136 percent increase in their consumption. This shift occurred more than five years ago. While the U.S. remains the world’s biggest consumer of all sorts of wine.

China may prefer red wines over white wines because red is the color of luck. Astonishingly, 155 million cases of red wine were consumed by China in 2013. Nevertheless, France and Italy were nearly neck-and-neck both consuming over 140 million cases.

It is predicted that China’s wine consumption will double and by 2016 they should be at the mark of 400 million cases per each. China's rising desire for red wine is contributing to the risk of a worldwide wine shortage.

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The so-called shortage is anticipated to be intensified as the demand from the U.S., which is the world's second largest consumer of wine after France and China, According to consumer Wealth Management Morgan Stanley, “it will make the U.S. the fifth largest importer.”