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China quickly fills void for food imports to Russia after sanctions hit Europe

Vegetable Distribution
Vegetable Distribution
Photo by Sergio Camacho/Getty Images

The thing about a master chess player is, he usually doesn't make a move without having several more prepared in advance to counter his opponents response. And this is exactly what took place for Vladimir Putin and for Russia as on Aug. 12, China announced they will begin selling fruits and vegetables directly to Russia, thus filling the void created when the Eurasian state imposed stringent sanctions and restrictions on food imports last week from the U.S. and the Eurozone.

Additionally, China will be creating a new $9.7 million distribution facility built specifically for this purpose which will allow the Russian economy to function as before, with few financial or logistical effects they might incur from the loss of imports previously tied to America, and countries standing with the superpower in the current environment of a new Cold War.

Perhaps not ironically as well, this new trade agreement comes just days after Russia and China completed a new swap facility that is intended to allow direct trade between each nation without the need for the dollar, or the middleman SWIFT system.

China will start selling fruit and vegetables directly to Russia, and Baorong company plans to set up a special logistics center in Dongning on the border with Russia’s Far East to do it.

The 70,000 square meter wholesale market and 30,000 square meter warehouse, fitted out with refrigerators and other equipment, will be in a special cross-border customs zone, ITAR-TASS cites the head of the Association of Applied Economy of the Heilongjiang Province Zhang Chunjiao.

“Direct export of fruit and vegetables to Russia will be organized from it," she said. - Russia Today

Almost immediately after Putin announced Russia's response to U.S. and Eurozone sanctions last week, countries within the sphere of U.S. hegemony began moving away from the Western superpower, and declared they were no longer going to follow lockstep with Washington regarding policies they feel will have dire effects to their own economy or national security. In particular, Greece lasted less than a day before divesting themselves from the U.S. led coalition, and are in vocal opposition to being used as a pawn in the growing Cold War politics that are re-emerging on the world stage.

Before Russia chose to impose sanctions that would affect not only the U.S., but all nations which stood in lockstep with America, the Eurasian superpower had already calculated alternative means by which to supplement their necessary food imports that would be lost due to the sanctions. And since China was already on board with Russia because of a historic oil trade agreement earlier this year, it is only fitting that they return the favor, and are doing so through the opening up of a brand new facility to accommodate Russia's needs, which will help ensure that it is the West that will be the primary ones to feel the pain in the ongoing trade war for geo-political domination.

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