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China Mobile begins selling the iPhone

China Mobile begins selling iPhone in China; receives one million preorders
China Mobile begins selling iPhone in China; receives one million preorders

On Friday, China's largest wireless provider, China Mobile, began to offer the Apple iPhone to its millions of customers.

This comes after Apple revealed earlier in the week that it had finally come to an agreement with China Mobile and would be offering the iPhone through the carrier soon. This partnership opens Apple up to 760 million new customers.

Apple already has partnerships with the two other largest carriers in China, but Apple is trying to expand its market in China even more by partnering with China Mobile. As of the third quarter of 2013, Samsung controlled 18% of the smartphone market in China, while Apple sat at only 3.5%.

One of the problems Apple faces in China is its high prices. Competitors from both Samsung and Chinese companies provide cheaper phones with the same specs.

However, in an interview with AFP, a happy customer said:

The price does feel a bit high at first sight but it is the most advanced iPhone so far, equipped with the most up-to-date network, which is exciting and irresistible.

The iPhone has propelled in the U.S. has allowed Apple to control 42% of the U.S. smartphone market. China Mobile revealed on Friday that it has already received 1 million preorders for iPhones.

With the stiff competition from Samsung and Chinese manufacturers, do you think Apple has a shot at taking over the smartphone market in China? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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