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China kindergarten poisoning: Banned rat poison kills 2 kids, sickens 30

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Two children are dead and another 30 kids have fallen ill after they were victims of a mass poisoning at a kindergarten class in China. Tests found that it was rat poisoning that the children ingested. It is a rat poison so deadly that it was outlawed in China years ago, according to MSN News on March 21.

Authorities are scrambling to find out how the kids ingested the poison, as the food served to them in school checks out safe. Out of the 30 sickened kids, who are all four and five-years-old, only six remain in the hospital and the others have been released home.

As of today authorities are unsure if the mass poisoning at the Jiajia Kindergarten was intentional or somehow done by accident. According to MSN today Chinese schools have had many problems lately.

There was a series of mass stabbings and attacks by people suffering from mental health problems and also by people who were harboring a grudge. School staff administering medication to children without authorization has also been a recent problem in China.

While this rat poison was banned from China because of its extreme health hazard to people, it is still seen in circulation, reports MSN.